Terms & Condition

1.There is No Registration fee for submitting proposals/entries.

2. Entries will be accepted online only.

3. Any entity which satisfies the eligibility criteria may submit entries under the respective category (ies).

4. A Proposal can be submitted in more than one category.

5. In a category, only one entry of a proposal shall be entertained. If more than one entry of a particular proposal is found in a category, the latest entry will be considered for evaluation, remaining entries will be discarded.

6. Proposals should be comprehensive and cover the specified aspects of the initiative undertaken. Incomplete proposals not complying with the directions/guidelines detailed herein would not be considered.

7.To encourage private players operating in Tourism sector in MP, participation of private sector has been included as indicated in the Award categories.

8. Team Leader shall provide an undertaking stating that he/she was posted in the organization during the period for which the application being submitted for, and he /she has led the same. The scanned signed copy of the same shall be uploaded while submitting the proposal.

9. No vigilance proceedings should be pending or contemplated against the project leader & team members, on the date of application.

10. Evaluation committee / Jury shall evaluate and select the winners of the award as per the selection process and evaluation criteria.

11. The decision of the evaluation committee and the Jury will be final and binding on all participants. No appeals or objections shall be entertained against the decision of the Evaluation committee/Jury.

12. The proceeding of the evaluation committee / Jury shall be confidential till the declaration of the awards.

13. The submitted proposal / initiative, would have gone live / implemented during the financial year 2017-18. (From 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018)

14. Initiative / Proposal which has been commenced or gone live in current financial year 2018-19 will not be eligible.

15. It will be at the discretion of the Evaluation Committee / Jury to select more than one winner in each category if the proposals are found suitable and benefitting.

16. Department of Tourism GoMP reserves the rights to make any changes in the entire process at any point of time.

17. The supplementary information may be asked by the jury at the time of evaluation, if required.

18. The additional supporting documents to be sent through e-mail id at awards@mptourism.com or may be submitted in hard copy at the address given in the web portal on or before due date of submission.