Film Tourism

Films have been a simple means of acquiring new dimensions through art, entertainment, creative prosecution and global communication since beginning. Cinema is immensely popular in India. Films not only provide entertainment and exchange of art but also promote the development of various fields related to filmmaking such as tourism, infrastructure, beauty of places, social issues, economic situation of people, employment and technical talent enhancement etc. The film industry has a key importance for the economic, social, cultural and historical progress of a country or region. People get motivated for tourism in the country and abroad by watching films, which creates new employment opportunities for the citizens of that places.


            By understanding the importance of films, M.P. government has implemented Madhya Pradesh Film Tourism Policy 2020 in March 2020 for Five years. According to film policy, A Film Facilitation Cell (FFC) has been constructed under the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, which is acting as the nodal agency for the film related work in the state such as shooting permission, location fee (government site), development of film infrastructure, training for students, talent workshops, incubation centers and incentives. 


           M.P. also has a talent pool of actors, producers, directors, writers including competent line producers. The low production cost, favorable weather condition, central location and efficiency in quick permissions and hand holding enhances State’s attractiveness as a film destination. Youngsters are focusing their career in film making industry on a large scale and we have a provision to encourage and improve institutes like acting / direction / script writing schools, animation, camera techniques etc. In nutshell films are simpler way to provide entertainment by creating employment with social, cultural & infrastructural development all together.

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