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There's a saying in India, "Athithi Devo Bhava", which means "The Guest is God". Indians consider it a huge honour to have guests in their home, and go out of their way to please them. There's nothing like Indian hospitality. Most visitors come to India to experience true Indian culture and hospitality. Giving credit to changing travel and tourism patterns, nowadays most of the visitors prefer homestay.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board introduced schemes giving opportunity to all those house owners of urban and rural areas who are willing to give a portion of their house as a tourist accommodation for domestic and international visitors. These unique and profitable schemes will enable property owners to introduce tourists to the rich culture, cuisine, customs and lifestyle of “The heart of India”. At the same time, these schemes will also ensure a recurring source of income for property owners and also generate employment opportunities. To supplement the available tourist accommodation in cities, villages and places near to tourist’s interest in Madhya Pradesh, 

MP Tourism Board has introduced Home Stay establishment schemes namely:

  1. Homestay Establishment (Registration and Regulation) Scheme 2010 (revised 2018)  2. Bed and Breakfast Establishment (Registration and Regulation) Scheme 2019

  2. Farm stay Establishment (Registration and Regulation) Scheme 2019

  3. Gram Stay Establishment (Registration and Regulation) Scheme 2019


Homestay Establishment (Registration and Regulation) Scheme 2010 (revised 2018):

The scheme has been introduced for providing comfortable home Stay facilities to supplement the available tourist accommodation in urban areas and at places of tourist interest in Madhya Pradesh, by giving an opportunity to foreign tourists to experience the famed Indian hospitality, cuisine, customs and traditions by staying with Indian families. Homestay owners who reside in the same premises can spare a portion of it for homestay. 



Bed and Breakfast Establishment (Registration and Regulation) Scheme 2019:

Under this scheme, additional space of residential property holders in urban areas can be used for tourist accommodation, in which either the property holder / caretaker resides. Property Holder has to provide accommodation and breakfast / food etc. to tourists at affordable rates. Hotels, motels, guest houses etc. will not be registered under this scheme.



Farm stay Establishment (Registration and Regulation) Scheme 2019:

Farm stay means a residential building situated outside boundary of the urban bodies (municipal corporation) in which the property holder / caretaker resides. In such farm stays, tourists will get an opportunity to experience accommodation in natural environment, catering and various recreational and nature related activities like nature camping, horticulture, agriculture, animal husbandry, open premises, small house hall, kitchen etc. in Farm stay.


Gram Stay Establishment (Registration and Regulation) Scheme 2019: 
Keeping in mind the increasing interest of tourists in the rural area, the Gram Stay Scheme is prepared. Gram Stay means such residential buildings located in the Gram Panchayat area where the home owner resides and is constructed by a registered cooperative society or a registered self-help group for tourist accommodation. This scheme shall generate employment in rural areas. Tourist shall get the experience of rural culture, environment, food etc. 





  1. Any home owner may offer a minimum of one and a maximum of six rooms in his/her property except the rooms required for his/her personal use.
  2. The offered accommodation must have all the facilities for a comfortable home stay, it must be well-maintained and secured.
  3. The Owners don’t need a large number of employees or any separate area for Reception desk.
  4. Owners are not allowed to conduct any commercial activities in the registered property.
  5. Hassle free process for registration.





  1. Recurring source of income in collaboration with Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board.
  2. Become a Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board’s hospitality partner with these profitable schemes.
  3. Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board will publicize all registered properties through its website and other media sources.
  4. One-time financial support for marketing (Brochure/ Website development).
  5. Alternate Incentives on achieving minimum occupancy.
  6. Provide opportunities to participate in National and International level events to showcase registered property.







Homestay Scheme 2010

Bed and Breakfast Scheme

Farm stay Scheme

Gram Stay Scheme


Operation of the unit by

Property owner

Property owner or Caretaker

Property owner or Caretaker

Property owner


Accommodation/ Rooms

Minimum 01 & Maximum 06 rooms (up to 12 beds).


Registration fee

 (18% GST extra)

Silver – ₹ 1000

Gold – ₹ 2000

Diamond - ₹ 3000

₹ 2000

₹ 5000

₹ 1000


Registration Validity

3 years


Tourist facilities

Accommodation and catering


Recreational activities/ related to rural life with accommodation and catering




Urban/Rural areas


Outside of urban area (near to city)

Gram panchayat


Room size (Minimum)

100 sq. ft

120 sq. Ft.

Single bedded 150 sq. Ft. & Double bedded 200 sq. Ft.

100 sq. ft.


Wash Room Size (Minimum)

Silver – 30 sq. ft.

Gold – 45 sq. ft

Diamond - 60 sq. ft

30 sq. ft.

32 sq. ft.



Renewal fee

₹ 1000 + GST

₹ 2000 + GST

₹ 5000 + GST

₹ 1000 + GST



(one time)

Silver: Nil.

Gold: 25,000

Diamond; 50,000

After 1st year- completing 50 days guest accommodation-

award amount Rs. - 15,000 / -

After 2nd year- completing 75 days guest accommodation-

award amount Rs. - 20,000 / -

After3rd year- completing 100 days guest accommodation-

award amount Rs. - 25,000 / -


Promotion support          (one time)

Brochure/ website maximum Rs. 10,000

Brochure preparation maximum amount - Rs. 10,000/ -

Website preparation maximum amount - Rs. 10,000/ -


support in Travel mart

Partial support for Participation in National & International Travel Mart – 50% of total expenditure or maximum Rs. 50,000/-


Support for Skill Training

Travel allowance support for skill development training in other city, support of Rs. 500 per person per Homestay.













































Homestay policies    1. BNB- 2019    2.Farm-Stay-2019     3. Gram-Stay-2019    4. Homestay_2010 (Revised 2018


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Application Form:      1. BnB form             2. Farm stay Form               3. Gram stay form                  4. Homestay Policy Form


Check list:                  1. BnB Checklist      2. Farm stay Checklist         3. Gram stay Checklist        4. Homestay Policy Checklist     


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