A Platform for Residential Property Owners to Become a Part of Tourism and Hospitality Business

Madhya Pradesh Tourism’s Homestay Scheme is a golden opportunity for all those house owners who can provide accommodation and food facility to domestic and international tourists. This scheme is based on India’s core philosophy and tradition- ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. This unique and profitable scheme will enable property owners to introduce tourists to the culture, cuisine, customs and lifestyle of Madhya Pradesh. At the same time, the scheme will also ensure a recurring source of income for property owners. It’s time to welcome guests from the world to the heart of India, and your home of course!



To supplement the available tourist accommodation in cities and at places of tourist interest in Madhya Pradesh, MP Tourism has launched Home Stay under Bed & Breakfast (B&B) Scheme, effective from 1st April 2010 which has been revised in 2018. The scheme has been introduced in line with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, for providing comfortable home Stay facilities to the tourists, and giving an opportunity to foreign tourists to experience the famed Indian hospitality, cuisine, customs and traditions by staying with Indian families. The Government of Madhya Pradesh has authorized Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board to implement the scheme in earnest. The highlights of the scheme are as follows:-



Any homeowner may offer a minimum of one and a maximum of six rooms in his/her property except the rooms required for his/her personal use.

- The offered accommodation must have all the modern facilities for a comfortable home stay, and must be well-maintained and secured.

- The property will be registered only after an inspection by a committee which would have gone into all aspects of it being a comfortable and safe home stay under the published guidelines.

- Scrutiny of all applications received under the scheme will be carried out by a committee comprising a representative of the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board and  the Regional Manager/ Manager  of Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation.

- A Directory of all registered properties will be published by Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board. Any property owner who violates any terms of the scheme would be derecognized, and his/her name shall be deleted from the Directory.

- Full details of the visitors and their arrival/departure will be recorded in a register which will be made available for inspection at any time. The area police will be kept informed about all visitors on a monthly basis.

- Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board will publicize all registered properties through its website and other mediums.






Registration Fees ()


Renewal Fees



1000/-+ GST

3 Years

1000/-+ GST



2000/-+ GST

3 Years

1000/-+ GST



3000/-+ GST

3 Years

1000/-+ GST



- The owner will pay water tax, property tax and energy charges at domestic rates.

- No need for the owner to have food and restaurant license.



Incentives (₹)




Registration /Upgradation


One time Payble

  • Gold Category


  • Diamond



Brochure printing/ 

Website Creation

100% or  Maximum upto 10,000/-

One time Payble


Participation in National /International Travel Marts

50% or Maximum upto 50,000/-

Payble for 2nd AC railway ticket and expenses incurred on stall installation and purchase of material for exhibition/publicity. Likewise economy class air ticket for international travel is payable.


Participation in Training/skill development Programmes

Maximum upto 500/-

Travelling allowance payable by the board only to one person of a homestay Unit and that also for attending training programme if organised in other city, away from the Homestay unit.


Best Homestay in Each category

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Awards for Best Homestay

The Homestay Unit should be registered with Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board.



- Become a hospitality partner with this profitable scheme

- Recurring source of income in collaboration with MPT

- Become an integral part of Madhya Pradesh Tourism’s hospitality culture

- A unique amalgamation of two different cultures


FAQs about The Homestay Scheme:

Q - What is homestay scheme ? 

A - Under this scheme house owners can register their property with Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board to provide accommodation to foreign and domestic tourists/other guests in their house on rent.

Q - I have a house in Bhopal given on rent, but I presently live in Pune. Can I apply for this scheme? 

A - No, as per the scheme the house owner must stay in that house with family.

Q - What is the criteria for registration of my property ? 

A - In your house, apart from your living area you should have minimum 1 and maximum 6 additional rooms to let out, and all the rooms should be well furnished with clean attached washroom. You should be able to provide breakfast to the guests. A detailed checklist is available on the website.

Q - What if the guest asks for lunch/dinner?

A - If you are able to provide, you can charge separately for meals according to your menu rate.

Q - Who will fix the tariff for the rooms ?

A - House owner will decide the tariff of the rooms

Q - Under this scheme what benefits will be provided by the government ?

A - Homestays are eligible for cash incentives according to the category of the Unit.

Q - Under this scheme what benefits will be provided by MP Tourism?

A - After registration of your property Madhya Pradesh Tourism will upload your property details with photographs on its website. Madhya Pradesh Tourism will also do the publicity for registered properties.

Q - What is the procedure for registration ?

A - Please visit our website and download the application form and checklist; which can be filled and emailed at our team from Madhya Pradesh Tourism will contact you for further process.

Q - What is the cost of registration fee, mode of payment and when should I pay?

A - Payment of the fees in the form of Banker's Cheque /Demand  Draft or online transaction can be made.

Q - What is the validity period of registration and what is the renewal process?

A - Registration will be valid for three years from the date of registration and for renewal you can apply again with rupees 1000/- registration fee three months prior to the expiry date.

Q - Is this scheme applicable only in ‘cities’ ?

A - This scheme is applicable to cities, tourist destinations and all other villages where guests/ tourists may want to visit.

Q - Is it compulsory to provide both veg and non-veg dishes to the guests ? 

A - No, menu will be decided by the house owner. If you are pure vegetarian you can offer only veg meals. This information may be shared with the guest prior to check-in/booking.


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Policies Related Brochure   English Hindi


Application Form:      1. BnB form             2. Farm stay Form               3. Gram stay form                  4. Homestay Policy Form


Check list:                  1. BnB Checklist      2. Farm stay Checklist         3. Gram stay Application        4. Homestay Policy Checklist


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