TSP Registration

Registration of Tourism Service Providers


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 - Guidelines for various TSPs – TA, DTO, ATO, TTO

In order to promote ease of doing business in the state, an online system has been developed for Tourism Service Providers (TSPs) under the project of Business Reforms Action Plan (BRAP).


Using this facility TSPs can register themselves under following four categories.

i.   Travel Agency (TA)
ii.   Domestic tour operator (DTO)
iii.  Adventure Tour Operator (ATO)
iv.  Tourist Transport Operator (TTO)


The objectives of registration of Tourism Service Providers (TSP) are

1)    To create a database of TSPs doing Business in various above categories
2)    Registration of TSPs doing business in Madhya Pradesh
3)    Providing assistance to registered TSPs through tourism department
4)    Providing Market Development Assistance (MDA). As per State’s new tourism policy- (Clause 6.25 for providing financial assistance to TSPs) the TSPs can market their tourism products in International markets. Financial assistance will be provided to registered TSP only.

High level application process

1.    TSPs register themselves on MP Jan Seva portal and complete their business profile
2.    TSPs fill their online applications, attach requisite documents and submit after making online payment. 
3.    MPTB scrutinizes the application and the documents provided by the TSP
4.    MPTB approves the application for registering TSP


Application rules

1.    Applicants can submit multiple applications using same login id
2.    An application corresponds to only one category i.e. one of TA / ATO / DTO / TTO
3.    If Applicant's business / company entails operations under more than one category then separate applications must be submitted.
4.    Application once rejected cannot be re-submitted. The applicant will have to submit a new application after paying due fee.
5.    Separate application is to be submitted for each office / branch.

For any Feedback/suggestions please write us at marketing.mptb@mp.gov.in