Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board

Properties, Lease and Subsidy Management System

About Us

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board is constituted with an objective to promote tourism in the State and to enhance the tourism infrastructure through private sector as well.

Keeping this in view, MPTB has established an Investment Promotion Division to create such investor friendly environment which could attract a large number of national and international investors.

The Investment Promotion Division, after it inception, has formulated various policies such as Way Side Amenities Policy 2016, Tourism Policy 2016, Heritage Policy 2016, Water Tourism Policy 2017 and Camping & Adventure Tourism Policy 2018 to encourage private investment.

Investment Promotion Division is managing land and heritage property bank and allotting these properties to Investors. Way Side Amenities are also allotted to private investors in various modules. Home Stay and Water Tourism Policy is also being implemented by the Division.

Investment Promotion Division – Present Structure

Joint Director, Investment Facilitation Deputy Director, Land & Properties Advisors
Investment *
Archaeology **
Policy Facilitation Property Tendering Subsidy and Incentives Land Bank Heritage Properties Way Side Amenities * Tendering
** Heritage

Any Investor willing to invest in Madhya Pradesh may contact Director, Joint Directors on email or mobile as detailed below: -

S. No Department Email Id Mobile No
1 Joint Director, Investment Promotion, +91 8989162077
2 Deputy Director, Adventure & Water Tourism +91 9425307733
3 Manager IT, Investment Promotion +91 8818881951